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Clarifying the Names - HDMI Switch Vs Splitters Vs Matrix Vs Adapter

The 1st time I wanted to hook up our Xbox 360, HTPC and Br player to my older HDTV which had just one HDMI port left, I failed to know what device I should keep an eye out for. I know what I want to buy to do for me, but I actually don't know how to call the idea for me to Google the item. To be honest, I came up with "HDMI hub", which I borrowed from your network hub which could divide network signals for numerous computers. I was also thinking about "HDMI adapter" and "HDMI splitter". Unfortunately, non-e of which were the popular names.

This kind of product is actually commonly named an HDMI switch as well as switcher. Of course , there is no established name for it, but you can find names more commonly used as compared to others by the majority of users. So knowing the right titles help you research them far better and find better prices prior to you buy one. After reading this content, you will get a much clearer photo of the common names of many HDMI gadgets and what they certainly.

They are the names of an HD input switch, which obtains signals from multiple HI-DEF devices, and output to 1 port on an HD TV, monitor or projector. This is just what you need when you want to attach all your PS3, BluRay, HARLEY-DAVIDSON PVR, etc all into a single port on your HIGHER DEFINITION TV because your HDTV has only one port left. A 3x1 or 3 port HIGH DEFINITION switch receives 3 HIGH DEFINITION signals and outputs to at least one port. So on and so forth. Whilst they are also sometimes labeled as "HDMI modulator", they should not be, since they don't split signals but alternatively they converges signals directly into 1 port.

In contrast, these are the basic names of an HDMI result switch, which receives alerts from just 1 HIGH-DEFINITION device and outputs for you to 2 or more HDTVs or even monitors. This is what you need when you need to output the same HI-DEF signal to 2 or maybe more HDTVs. In a sense, they separated or amplify the impulses into multiple streams, consequently the names. A 1x2 or perhaps 2 port HDMI splitter receives HD signal coming from 1 device and components to 2 screens.
These are combining the functions regarding input and output buttons, they receive multiple HARLEY-DAVIDSON signals and output to help multiple displays.

They are hardly ever used by average consumers and commonly used by electronics retailers or exhibition hosts who require to display many screens concurrently with HD signals received from several devices. These are extremely general names, which, still usually mean a much less complicated device that connects Hdmi-port to another video port for instance a VGA or DVI interface. An HDMI to DVI adapter means it is in receipt of HD signals from an Hdmi and outputs to a DVI port.

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